We are a passionate team of creators, journalists, surfers and photographers. 

We live to chase swells and stories!

Meet The Team

Luke Gladys

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Without Luke WMNSurfmag would not be possible. He is always there to encourage us, proofread, go for a surf, share thoughts and discuss the surf industries news, analyze heats and find good arguments to make us paddle out to bigger surf. His expertise and chill vibes are much needed at WMN and we are beyond grateful to have him aboard. 



Welcome our newest member of WMNSurfmag! Emily grew up surfing on the coast of North Carolina, USA. Since Febuary 2020 Emily has been working as a trainee alongside Janine to create new content for our print and online presence. She is continuously researching new stories, interviewing personalities and discussing topics out of as well as with the Surf Industry. Read Emily's newest publication here.

Janine Reith

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Founder & Editor in chief of WMNSurfmag. 

Passionate Surfer. 

Into Writing, News Coverage,  Journalism & PR, Ice Hockey, Soccer & Snowboarding. 


Lisa Weixelbaum

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Art Director, Graphic Designer, Photographer


The most creative person you could possibly meet. She has a solution for everything and has once again taken on the challenge of engineering the layout of WMN. With her eye for photography and skill to edit such, she captures and tells things authentically through her imagery. She’s always down for a Surftrip, loves to explore and is absolutely inspirational.





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Photographer, Social Media Manager


Jo is the woman behind those beautifully and thoughtfully designed insta-stories and knows how to caption a picture the way the artist, storyteller or athlete deserves it. She loves to surf and write and has been traveling around the world for 5 years. Her life consists of capturing surfing the ocean and the mountains through her lens. She loves to live life passionately without limits and mirrors that through her work. 


About the Mag

First of all, yes we still print. Actually we've just started our little print mag two years ago and so far published two issues. In times where ‚print is dead‘ or dying rapidly - not only but especially in the surfing world- we took our chance and made the first step against this movement.


I personally think print has a certain longevity and a lot of quality content seems to not work in our short-lived digital world that is more and more focused on video content. Besides that going with the flow can lead to getting lost in the crowd. There’s not much print media anymore so maybe we can stand out a little bit. 


I am a Sports Journalist, PR Manager and (of course) a passionate Surfer myself, mainly working in mainstream sports not only due to the aforementioned reasons of the generally and pretty consistently not so sparkling times in the surf industry but also, because I have great interest in the sports industry as a whole. I live and love my job and its many facets.


What is called WMNSurfMag today started off in 2017 as a, let’s say work-related illness.

I couldn't resist on chances to interview or talk to athletes, photographers, individuals, officials etc. on private surf trips. The female side of surfing, has always been and still is nowadays generally pretty underexposed and if exposed rather focused on their outward appearances or the lifestyle and beauty factor of the girls, than the (I think) huge progression they’ve made during the past years. Not to mention the younger generations (I am so excited for whats to come in the future!). I tried to publish the stories I had collected through well known surf media outlets but couldn’t really find much that aligned with what I was aiming at with a lot of my work: 

Showcasing the female side of surfing in it’s purest form, their progression in the sport, their beauty through the sport, their efforts to become as good as their male counterparts but in their own feminine way without being judged for surfing femininely, ‚like a girl‘.


So I started publishing my own work. 


First and foremost I started WMNSurfMag to fill that gap and to fulfill my own urge to write about and encourage things I liked about surfing as a hobby. Today, we already make a team of 5 passionate souls and whether or not we make it to become a reknown and profitable Magazine one day, our main idea is still to simply support and encourage the female side of our sport. 


In January 2020 we printed our second copy 'Unlimited', and the third one is already in the making. 

Thank you for your support and being interested in what we do with all our hearts! 



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