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  • We only provide 10% to a maximum of 15% of ad-space in our Mag because we think content is king and your ad shouldn't be just 1 in a million. We want it to be seen by our readers. 

  • We print on high-quality, durable paper. Our Mag comes in the most handbag-friendly format: DIN A5. (please reach out to us for details on materials) 

  • We are distributed online and also available at handpicked coffee shops, surf camps and surf shops worldwide (a.o. NYC, California, Costa Rica, Bali, Germany, Australia) WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!

  • In our first swing, we print 500 copies, if there is more demand, there will be more Magazines printed. 

  • We meet who we publish and we publish ONLY when we think to have enough quality content to make an amazing issue that comes out yearly, no fixed date.

    Format DIN A5
    3mm margin 

    Advertorials, Editorials, Adverts, Featured and branded content, product placements 

    for price details and/or advertising inquiries please contact: