Hello Ladies & Gents, 

Whatever questions you may have regarding WMNSurfmag, please feel free to reach out to us – we’re more than happy to help explain, discuss or just listen to what you have to say. 

The following questions have been the most asked, so we put together a few answers we thought could be helpful for you.


Do you ship to the US/Australia/Brazil/Indonesia etc. ? 


Yes, we ship worldwide. Prices can vary but we try to keep the shipping for free. 



Are you looking for writers and contributors?

Yes, we are always looking for interesting stories and personalities. Please reach out to us at wmnsurfmag@gmail.com if you believe you have a brilliant idea you wish to collaborate on.


Can I do an internship with WMNSurfmag? 


We’re always looking for talented, skilled interns. Positions are unpaid as WMNSurf is just starting to grow but this opportunity comes with lots of experience where you will go to Surf Events, do interviews, write, edit, learnand take care of our about social media, PR and Marketing. For more information, please send your CV directly to our Editor in Chief, Janine Reith at contact@janine-reith.com


How often will you publish? 


We are planning on publishing every time we have enough excellent content to print a new Mag. We want to provide good, high quality content. Therefore we only print when we’re 99% satisfied with what we’ve got. 


Can I buy WMNSurfmag at shops directly? 


Yes. We are currently available in Bali at handpicked shops in Canggu and on the Bukit. Soon we will be available at Stores in Europe, USA and Australia and Costa Rica. We will publish a list of shops you can get copies at once everything is confirmed. 


So far you can find us at: 


Onboardstore, Canggu – Bali

BGS Surfshop and Coffee, Bukit and Canggu – Bali

OY Surf Apparel, Canggu – Bali


WeRoam – Costa Rica


Saltwatershop, Hamburg – Germany 

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