“The Story of Surfer Girl really is about a reflection of the earlier years… So we shot this about in 1990/91 and we are looking back at the careers of Wendy, Frida, Pam, Jodie and myself. I can recall this one question was like “ Why are you and what are you doing? What do you want to get out of surfing?” and Jody’s, her simple answer was just classic, it was like“well..I don’t know.. I’d like to get a photo in the magazine..” and it was like that’s all you could really hope for, in those years, in those prior years because imagine: there’s really no money. Why are you doing this? There’s only surf magazines because there’s no such thing as the internet and social media. Nobody new anything, so the only way to know that you were somebody in the sport of surfing was to get a photo in a magazine. And so that simple statement.. it just gives me the chills when I think about it. It’s just so simple and meaningful at the same time.” - Debbie Beacham

Debbie Beacham 1982 World Champion, WSL Founder and filmmaker, reminisces about competing at pro surfing's very beginning and describes her fight to keep women's surfing alive in the 1980s.


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