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Updated: Apr 11

Carissa Moore by Scott Sullivan

"Being a Hawaiian surfer, especially a female Hawaiian surfer, it’s always been a dream of mine to compete in the Vans Triple Crown" - Carissa Moore via VTCS.com

The Vans Triple Crown took surfing into yet another new direction during the ongoing pandemic when it announced that the 2020 competition would be digital. It makes perfect sense given the current state of the world but many were left wondering what exactly "digital" means when it comes to a surf contest.

Basically, each competitor had to send in 2 video entries of their "best waves" at Haleiwa, Sunset, and Pipe. The competitors were challenged to get creative and showcase their skill without the traditional time constraints and equipment restrictions of a normal contest. The event ran from December 21st to January 18th and each wave submitted was scored by judges. Additional excitement arose this year with the comp because a Women's Vans Triple Crown Champion would be crowned! More than 100 competitors, both pros and local chargers, competed for the title. The last time women took part in this comp was in 2009 so its been a long 11 years...but I hope that the drive and effort of the current array of female surfers will inspire more and more inclusion of female surfing now and in the future. Women surfers are just as capable as men in the water and that was definitely proven on the North Shore the past few months, especially at Pipe!

The 2020 Women's VTCS Champion was none other than Carissa Moore! And no surprise that JJ Florence took it home for the Men's comp. Both Hawaii natives, they "honor this historic win in a personal homage to the hometown surf breaks that started it all", as stated on VTCS.com.

Carissa did have some fierce competition from another Hawaii native, 21 year old Moana Jones Wong, who took the highest score at Pipe, a wave she knows like the back of her hand. Australian surfer Bronte Macaulay took home the win at Sunset and Carissa was on top for Haleiwa. The fans were also given a vote in this unique digital comp that went to Jack Robinson and Tatiana Weston-Webb! Additionally, the proceeds generated from the 2020 VTCS were donated to uplift the communities of the North Shore.

Lastly, I just want to take another moment to appreciate the skill showcased by the many women pros over the past couple of months since the Maui Pro. Despite the state of the world, these women have been performing for the respect they deserve. Let's hope Bells Beach goes off in April!

Watch recap of Carissa and JJ's wave submissions below!

Also, check out the VTCS Awards Show to catch up on all the action that happened over the past month!

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