• Emily Newsome


Updated: Apr 11

Exciting news came out recently as Hurley announced a long-term partnership to take place with Black Girls Surf!

The brand intends to use this partnership to "amplify the BGS platform" and to "help continue the support of women in surf."

This partnership seeks to expand inclusivity in the sport of surfing as a whole while Hurley aims to support the #solidarityinsurf movement that was headed by BGS.

Hence, BGS and Hurley will be hosting future events together, co-sponsoring athletes, and creating collaborative apparel!

Rhonda Harper, founder of BGS, and Brett Simpson, Marketing Director and Team Manager at Hurley, hope that the mission of BGS will reach new heights and new audiences across the globe.

Hurley, founded in 1999 in Huntington Beach CA on the basis of creative youth expression and empowerment, has always been a supporter of youth-based programs and amplifying future generations through surfing, skating, and music.

Hurley mentioned in their facebook post annoucing the parternship, "Our goal, like theirs, is to create an inclusive program that works to further the future of females in surfing. We want to make sure anyone who has ever wanted to surf is given the chance."

WMNsurfmag is so thrilled for Rhonda and BGS and wish this partnership the best to come! To learn more about Rhonda and her mission with BGS, check out our article:



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