Updated: May 20, 2020

Carissa Kainani Moore. At 18 she was the youngest ever surfer to win a world title. Today she counts 4 World titles and even qualified for the Olympics. She's been the most radical and one of the most powerful surfer girls on tour for over ten years now. It was about time that someone took on the task to show the person behind the athlete of whom we usually don't see much (besides performance).

Peter Hamblin became the man behind Riss' profile film. He made it his goal to show her personality and convince doubters and critics that there is more to her than the powerhouse we all know.  

“My goal was to peel back the layers and show the person behind the athlete; to show the layers of Carissa’s personality. Everyone sees the athletic side of her, but I wanted to focus on the complexity of her character and what an inspiring force she is,” he said in an Interview with

You can't teach authenticity. But you sure know it when you see it.

Watch the full movie 'RISS' here

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