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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

In this film starring Zoe White, filmmaker Sabine M. Probst sets the stage for the soon-to-be marine scientist, diving instructor, and surfer to tell her story and communicate her deep love for the ocean in hopes that other people will grow an appreciation just as deep. This film is a powerful reminder for surfers everywhere of the importance of conserving our oceans, not just for us and our enjoyment but for future generations of all living beings.

About Sabine M. Probst-

"I am a documentary filmmaker and photographer with a strong focus on environmental and outdoor sports topics. It allows me to be in my favorite places and to hopefully bring awareness to the problems those places are facing."

Sabine's statement about the film-

"After I filmed my first film about the sea and its problems THE OCEAN INSIDE US, and saw the impact it had on people watching it, I felt the urge to make another film about the ocean. But this time show more of the beauty which there is to save.

I have seen a lot of different places of this world, a lot of beaches, forest, lands. It hurts to see that in so many of those places trash is lying around and that they are getting destroyed.  

So many of us seem to not care about the environment as much as we should. 

With DEEP BLUE CONNECTION, I really focused on the beauty the ocean has to offer. 

I could not have wished for a better protagonist than Zoe. She fit the idea I had for the film so well. During the shoot you could really feel the connection she has to nature, especially the ocean. It is her workplace, but also her place to have fun and to relax. 

Zoe has this great connection to the ocean. I hope after watching DEEP BLUE CONNECTION more people want to experience this connection to nature."

"My one message to everybody out there about the ocean would be to think of it as your mother, but also as your child. It is the one thing that has given you life, it sustains all of us. Without the ocean we would not be able to survive. But we should also think of it as our child, making sure with every step that we do we can make sure that it is thriving and healthy, and that it is protected for future generations.“ - Zoe White

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