Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Electric Wave is a Next Generation Surf Film Featuring Steph Gilmore, Coco Ho and Leah Dawson

The 'Electric Wave' was directed by no one other than Daniel Askill. You don't know him? Fair enough, but you do know Lady Gaga's and SIA's music videos and well, he's the guy behind their award winning clips.

With Audi as a sponsor of the directors artwork and their slogan 'progress through technology', it seemed obvious to shoot 'Electric Wave' at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch. To promote the release of their new, fully electric vehicle, Audi then only had to get involved with surfing's 7-time world champ, Stephanie Gilmore, power pack Coco Ho and the most popular free-surfing female at this time, Leah Dawson to show us, that their cars are just as classy as female surfing.

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