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photo by @pixjj

"Skin Deep is a truly avant-garde audio-visual performance art project that meshes Palmateer’s two great life-long passions; art and surfing."

This film features professional surfer Flick Palmateer at idyllic surf locations in different parts of the world, much like many other infamous short surf films. The catch? She is completely stripped down to her nude self, surfing in what seems like remote, untouched parts of the ocean. This project was conceptualized by Palmateer and brought to life by 3 professional filmmakers, Dwayne Fetch (Gold Coast, Qld), Rick Rifici (Perth, WA) and Chris White (Perth, WA). Through the film, the surfer from Perth is "exploring her own definition of what it means to be 'me'" and "exploring her own interpretation of what it means to be free".

"What began as a rather simple yet scary and exciting idea, has transformed into something far more cathartic, beautiful and challenging than I dreamed." - Flick

photos by @fetchfilms

This edit essentially intertwines Flick's love for both art and surfing. Most might not know that the female surfer also goes by artist. She has 2 previous solo art exhibitions to her name and many commercial collaborations as well. It's incredibly bold to be in the nude on camera, but performing athletic ability while nude adds in a whole new component. There was bound to be controversy surrounding the film but those who can envision Flick's intentions for it, truly understand the purpose of it. I believe that the creation of the film did more for the surfer herself than anyone else who may view it.

"By embracing my femininity in a place free from judgement, it's allowed me to view my body in such a different way. To honor it for what it allows me to do physically and embrace self love and acceptance." - Flick via Instagram

photos by @fetchfilms & @chriswhitey

A lot of words can be used to describe this film- daring, risky, beautiful, artistic, etc., but I think 'empowered' is a great word to encapsulate the work of this 4 minute film. I think it sets a tone for visual artistic representation in the surfing scene to come. Not to mention the incredible time and effort it took for Skin Deep to happen. It had a production timeline of 3 years and challenges of secrecy and isolation to overcome. To any who are questioning the intentions of the film and asking "why?", Palmateer's response to you is simple: "why not?"

Go check out Skin Deep now available on Vimeo!!

photos by @fetchfilms & @pixjj

Skin Deep 30 second trailer:


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