Updated: Mar 13, 2020

How to be a mom, model, competitive surfer, YouTuber, and (soon to be) wife, all at once. We asked somebody who knows: An Interview with Alana Blanchard!

Interview by @mj_nalulife

WMNSurfmag: Alana, please tell us, how do you balance being a competitive Surfer and a mom?

Alana Blanchard: It’s definitely hard. It’s way more challenging than I ever thought it would be. But at the same time, I think it’s made me try harder in all aspects of my life. I want to put that positive vibe out there with Banks and just be active and healthy. But at the same time, I guess, it’s just like really soaking up these times with Banks. And he’s only going to be this young for so long. It’s hard to find a balance, but just living in the moment with your baby and putting in that time when you can, like during their naps or you have people watching your kids and stuff. Just like really using that time wisely, I guess. Just kind of not worrying about all those little things because you could get so into your head on things and I guess just worry about all these things before you had a kid. Like I would worry about what I had to do, or how many hours I had to surf. And, now, I’m just so thankful even being able to surf like two hours or something. So I just use my time wisely now.

WMNSurfmag: What is your secret? For us, your life seems pretty flawless.


Alana Blanchard: I definitely don’t have a secret. I’m still trying to figure out day by day. It might look like I have no struggles, but I definitely do. For instance, just even today, I got down to the beach five minutes before my heat just because Banks didn’t want to be at the beach anymore. And I’ve had back problems. So I definitely have the struggles. And I think everyone does. And I think just looking at the positive times instead of focusing on the negative times. But yeah. I think social media and all that stuff can really make it look like everyone has that perfect life. But, really, I think we all have our struggles. I think everyone should be open about that because that’s real-life.

But I think some tips to have a better life is for me is to really eat healthy, stay active, and just focusing on the positive things that you have in your life, not anyone else’s.

WMNSurfmag: When you look at the World Tour, there are a lot of fathers competing, but there isn’t a single mother on the women’s side of the World Tour. In terms of your surf career, being pregnant and having a child must just be so disruptive as a woman. Do you think for the girls on Tour this is a do or die decision?

Alana Blanchard: Yeah, you know what, the WSL has been really supportive of me. They gave me this wild card and they gave me a few other wild cards just to get into the events because I had no seating from not competing. And yeah, and they also gave me the wild card into the Honolulu contest last year. So yeah, they’re actually really supportive and it’s really cool. All the girls are really excited to have kids and stuff. And yeah, I think WSL is so supportive of women and just everything that women are doing. I think they really stand behind them.

WMNSurfmag: What would be your advice for the girls on tour if they approached you with the question of having kids but being afraid it would end their surfing career?

Alana Blanchard: I mean, everyone’s different and everyone wants to do it differently. So I’m not going to encourage someone to go have a baby, but it is the most amazing thing you could possibly ever do in your life and I think that if you’re scared because of your career, I think– yeah, it's way more challenging, but at the same time I think you definitely can do it and if you have that support team, you can do it.

WMNSurfmag: Are you planning on having any more kids or is Banks enough for you right now, at this moment?

Alana Blanchard: Right now, I’m good with one but I definitely want to have more in the future. But even with one, it’s so hard, like traveling and everything. But yeah, for sure we’ll have more.

WMNSurfmag: You've started vlogging a while ago and we‘ve been following and watching every episode. What got you into vlogging? How did you come up with the idea? Who Inspired you?

Alana Blanchard: Yeah. I got inspired just because after I had Banks I really thought our life was really cool, or not cool, but I thought it would be interesting for people to see. And I was kind of just chilling and I was like– I’ll just pick up a camera and film our life. And it’s also really cool to look back on it. Even our first vlog where he was four weeks old and he’s changed so much, so it’s really cool to have that always there, that I could look back on, and yeah, share with my fans that want to see the real us, I guess. Yeah.

WMNSurfmag: Jack is actively competing and has had a lot of success this year. How do you guys manage the traveling and time being apart from each other?

Alana Blanchard: It’s definitely challenging. I think I don’t really know anyone or a family that are both competing and kind of doing the same thing, so it’s really hard to look at other people and see how they do it. So we’re just kind of doing trial-and-error, and yeah, it’s hard. Because sometimes I want to do something or go surf, but he has a contest and we don’t have anyone to watch Banks so he gets to surf. So we’re always kind of just trying to figure it out, and family really helps. We brought my mom and dad here. We just try to find help along the way and take turns surfing when we can.


WMNSurfmag: What are your future plans regarding surfing? Are you planning on competing or are you thinking of maybe making a movie like Bethany?

Alana Blanchard: I’m just kind of taking it day-by-day, I guess. I really would love to do more contests but yeah, it’s just a little tricky with Jack competing full-time on the tour, and just traveling by myself is hard with the baby. So we’ll see how it goes. So just keep surfing and getting better, I guess.

Thank you Alana.


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