• Miriam Joanna

Inspo Podcast Maya Gabeira

This Lineup Podcast Episode with Big Wave star Maya Gabeira is one for the books! It's for sure one of the most candid and open pod conversations.

Maya talks about paving the way for other female surfers, setting a world record, surfing under a microscope and dealing with criticism, how she got into charging massive waves, pushing her limits after three spine surgeries, and how Big Wave has changed since she started.

".. I was Brazilian in an age that Brazilians were not very celebrated in the Surf Industry. I was a woman in an age where women had a big, big space in the surf world. And yet I was still able to be celebrated by the surf industry. To achieve a lot of things in the United States shows to me: that timing and vision were everything at that time. Because years later, I was slowly pushed out of that scenario."



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