Surfing to the beat of her own drum. 

Australian Jaleesa Vincent grew up to parents, who didn't surf. Thus she never had anyone telling her how to surf. As a result, the style you'll see in the following video is that one of a kind that has unfolded without family influence from the very beginning. Being an Australian surfer girl, born and raised down under, in the mekka of surfing, this is already pretty unique.

And so is her style (obviously). She doesn’t have that gracefulness and flow what usually makes female surfing look so effortless. She goes fast and does big turns or pulls off an air, more comparable to Noa Deane's surfing. Like most men, Jaleesa just tries to do something radical without thinking about style. It seems to work and is refreshing to see a surfer lady without away from the cliche lifestyle post. What do you think?

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