Updated: May 1, 2020

After Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone announced their pregnancy a while ago, there are now some more baby news in the surfing scene! In March next year, there'll be another new member to the Big WSL-CT-Family: Julian Wilson and his beautiful wife and full-time Model Ashley Wilson (orig. Osborne) just announced, they are having their first Baby!

In between all the excitement about Gabriel Medinas Win at the MEO Ripcurl Pro and the on going title race, we caught up with Ashley Osborne to ask her a few questions about her life with Julian Wilson and their new journey besides the Championship Tour!

As a full-time Model (Chadwick Models, Ford Models) Ashley is used to traveling around the world to do photoshoots, following her own career. But for the past 10 weeks she has been on Julian’s side, supporting him with her presence, being there for him in every situation and of course precisely watched -almost- every Heat.

"I think I've only missed one heat actually.“ The Australian-Beauty said, shortly after Julian lost the final heat against Gabriel Medina at the Meo Ripcurl Pro in Portugal today.


WMNSurfMag: Ashley, we saw you watching the finals from the athletes area with Mick Fanning, how bummed are you about Jules heat loss against Gabby?

Ashley Wilson: I'm dissappointed, but I am still really happy with his result, making it to the final is amazing. They both got to have a really good heat and I'm just really happy either way and he's happy too. I think  Medina was great and Jules really kind of made him work for it which was exciting to watch.

WMNSurfMag: Do you enjoy being around the comps?

Ashley Wilson: Yeah, I think I've missed only missed one heat actually. I always like to come and watch, I always feel like maybe me being there or showing my support, if that helps, of course then I'll be there. And I just love the energy and being a part of it.

WMNSurfMag: What are you both up to in the little time you get to spend together on lay days or between comps?

Ashley Wilson: In between we just kind of either rest or I go for a run or we go and see some beautiful sights, there's so many beautiful places here. Eating good food…! (laughs) 

WMNSurfMag: And good food will become even more important from now on, I just heard you saying you're pregnant. Congratulations!

Ashley Wilson: (Big smile on Ashleys face!)

Yes, thank you! 

WMNSurfMag: Do you know of a date yet?

Ashley Wilson: Yes, it will be due in March, so around the Quickie Pro!

WMNSurfMag: What are your plans for now until Pipeline kicks off?

Ashley Wilson: We'll probably go home and spend some time in Australia and then get ready for Pipe!

Lovely chatting to you Ashley, hope to see you around at Pipe!

We are superstoked for Ashley and Jules and wish all the best on their amazing new journey together.

Here are a few snaps of Ashley, Jules and Mick during the Finals.

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Watch Julian Wilson and Gabriel Medina in the final heat recap by the WSL:


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