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Updated: Apr 11

This grom has been in competitions for 5 years and is progressing at rapid speed! Anna won the U12 Ripcurl Gromsearch in 2017 and proceeded to win the Billabong Grom Series in 2019. She finished the year as the number 1 ranked surfer in U14 in New Zealand. For 2020, she is currently ranked 3rd in New Zealand in U16. In March, Anna gained entry into her first WSL Pro Junior Comp but unfortunately it was cancelled due to Covid. Make sure to keep this young surfer on your radar!

Where are you from?

"Kia Ora (hello)- I am from Mount Maunganui which is on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand."

When did you start surfing?

"I was 6 years old when my parents got me a foam soft top board for my birthday and my cousins all helped me stand up at a place called Pilot Bay where my cousins pushed me into little ripples (which felt like huge waves at the time!)"

What is your favourite thing about surfing/ competing?

"I enjoy the adrenaline of surfing big waves and also the fun from surfing my local beach break with my friends and sister. I’ve been fortunate enough that surfing has taken me all over the world. My family has supported me to travel to many different surfing destinations such as; Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hawaii and Australia. With competitions I have travelled all over New Zealand and Australia, making new friends and being able to surf and hangout with them. Comp surfing doesn’t always go to plan which means that I’m always learning new things and I love the challenge that it gives me."

Are there many female surfers at your local break?

"While female surfers are still a minority at my local break, the number of girls competing in competitions is definitely growing and there are lots of talented younger girls starting to come through which is great to see."

What is the best advice you have gotten from another female surfer?

"One of the older girls that I look up to told me if you have a bad heat or bad surf to let it go and move on because it doesn’t define you as a surfer."

Do you have a favorite move, barrel, turn, or air?

"My favourite move is a finishing snap on a punchy closeout section. I’m currently working hard on progressing my surfing and attempting to do airs."

What is the most exciting moment you’ve have while surfing?

"Visiting the Mentawais in 2018, surfing solid No Kandui with Shane & Jackson Dorian, and Erin Brooks was epic."

What are your specific hopes for the future?

"I just want to keep improving and continue to enjoy my surfing, meeting new people and one day I would like to represent New Zealand and compete on the world stage. In the short term if Covid restrictions allow for travel, I’m planning to get back to Australia to compete in more Junior and WSL Pro junior events. Sadly, my first Pro Junior event in Piha, New Zealand was cancelled in March the day before it was supposed to start due to Covid."

More fun facts about Anna:

"I play field Hockey for my school and have represented my region, where we play to a national level, against teams from all over New Zealand. I train at the local High Performance Centre Gym and I love chilling with my friends."

Follow Anna on Instagram to see what she's up to: anna_brock_

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