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Updated: Apr 11

We recently got to catch up with 15-year-old charger Keira Buckpitt to learn all about her life on the East Coast of Australia. Keira is from Culburra beach, loves to get barrelled and, most importantly, having loads of fun with her friends in the water. She ranked #44 on the 2019 Women's Junior Tour, ranked #3 in U16 girls NSW Australia and is excited for the 2021 season (2020 Junior Series cancelled due to COVID-19). Read our interview below with Keira to get to know this up-and-coming grom!

Where are you from?

I live on the East Coast of Australia, in NSW, in a coastal town called Culburra Beach.

When did you start surfing?

I started surfing when I was four. I just wanted to keep up with my brothers and my dad. Now, I surf with them everyday!

What is your favorite thing about surfing?

I love the calmness and freedom of being in the ocean. Surfing lets me be in the ocean all the time; it’s where I love to be.

What is your favorite thing about competing?

Competing not only allows me to push myself to achieve, but more importantly I have met so many life long friends from all over Australia and now many parts of the world! I love to catch up with them and share our common interest of surfing. We have a lot of fun.

What are your specific hopes for future?

I would ultimately love to one day make the world tour. In the meantime, I plan to train and compete and travel the world with my family.

Which pro surfer do you enjoy watching the most?

Mikey Wright, because he does huge turns and airs. Steph Gilmore is awesome too!

Do you have a favourite move- barrel, turn or air? 

I like getting barrelled. I practice any chance I get when the waves produce them. I love hitting decent waves with my two older brothers.

Tell us about the most exciting moment you’ve had whilst surfing? 

Not long ago, I was sitting, waiting for a wave at a place on the south coast of NSW called Ulladulla, and all of a sudden a whale popped up and breached into the air not far from where we were all sitting. The whale hung around flapping its tail, squirting water and launching out of the water from time to time. ... It was an amazing feeling to watch.

I also like seeing all my surfing friends hanging out together and surfing all day everyday together!

Fun fact:

Keira also plays competitive soccer!

Check out Keira killing it in this edit!


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