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If you haven't seen the headline on wsl.com, "Sierra Kerr Just Turned 14 She Already Surfs Better Than You", we are just emphasizing it here! Read below to get to know this young surfer.

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Sierra Kerr is only 14 years old and she is charging monster waves, putting up insane clips, and earning her reputation. She is for sure on track to becoming a household name in the surfing world (watch out dad)! For this grom, contests only just came into the picture. She has spent much of her young career just having fun surfing with her family, traveling, and showing off on film! Kerr has spent some time though in charity events and specialty contests. She won the first ever Stab High Ladybirds Contest in 2019 and this year, she won her first grom contest in Australia (The Oz Grom Comp) and went on to place 4th in the Burleigh Open Women’s Contest last month. She is finding her way around what it is like to compete in heats and it probably won't be long before she gets a call from the big leagues. To learn more about Sierra, read our interview with her below!

Where are you from? 'My dad is Australian and my mom/mum is American so I’m now lucky to call both places home. I was born in Tugun Australia. I lived in Australia until I was 3. I then moved to America for 6 months each year while my dad was on tour so my mom/mum, my brother, and I could be close to my mom/mums family while my dad was gone a lot.' When did you start surfing? 'My dad would put me on his board when I was really little with orange arm floaties on my arms. He would paddle me around and help me stand up. Between the age of 5-10, I wanted to be a skateboarder and really didn’t surf very much. I started really wanting to learn to surf when I was 10 and now I love it more than any of the other sports I do.'

What is the best advice you have gotten from another female surfer? 'Keep doing what you're doing and having fun.' Do you have a favorite move- turn, barrel, or air? 'Barrels for sure.' What is the most exciting moment you have had in your surfing career so far? 'Winning the 1st Stab High Ladybirds comp.'

What are some goals you wish to accomplish in the future? 'I want to win world titles, graduate college, and then have a family. I really want to help children in need whenever I can as well.'

Sierra is actually an all-around athlete. She loves skating and has competed in a few skateboarding contests as well as some golf events! It doesn't stop there, this teen also plays on an all boys rugby team! "My position is wing for the Mustangs!", she told us. This young grom has big dreams ahead of her but for now she is still enjoying the last few years of childhood, as she should. We hope and expect to see a lot more from Sierra in the future!

More fun facts from Sierra: 'I was the first girl to ever land a Rodeo Flip on a skateboard skating vert when I was 9. I also landed one in a vert competition the same year. I’ll never forget that.'

'Starting every year in January, I save all my money from holidays, prize money, and my chore money. At the end of every year, my family comes together to help match the money I saved. I then go out and I buy new clothes and toys for Christmas for children in need. On Christmas Eve, my dog Aspen and I take them to children’s emergency shelters. This is my favorite thing to do!'

See what Sierra is up to on social: Youtube: Sierra Kerr

Instagram: sierrakerr

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