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Updated: Apr 11

Alana Blanchard has always been a female figure that I and many other women my age have looked up to. I have kept up with her through her competitive days, her life as a mom, and I watch all of Alana's current vlogs about her lifestyle from food to fitness to relationships to travel to surf!

She is someone who in my eyes, has been an encouraging and inspiring surfer through social media platforms to so many girls, young and older, around the world. It takes a lot of bravery to open up about mental illness, especially eating disorder, but I think one of the most important topics professional female athletes should use their platforms to talk about revolves around body image, confidence, health, and self-love.

I shouldn't be able to count the amount of women I know personally who have been affected by an eating disorder using more than 2 hands, but I can. I shouldn't have to censor my own social media feeds in fear that I could fall into my own pattern of body image negativity, but I do.

The sad reality is that as women, the odds are already stacked against us in terms of societal "norms". That is why it is important for all professional female athletes, surfers to soccer players, to keep being vulnerable and open about their own struggles, past and current. The inspiration, motivation, confidence, and self-love that they can even instill in one girl is immensely empowering.

Check out Alana's recent vlog below and maybe even send it to a friend who you think could benefit from her candidness about her eating disorder history and personal ways she overcame it.

Check out Alana and Jack Freestone's youtube channel "Happy Waves" for more content!


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