Updated: Apr 19, 2020

'It's supposed to be an old school type clip', he said.

Writing something about Mr. Langburne's new clip I started philosophizing, because to just write 'something' wouldn't do this young fellas style any justice.

Make sure, to listen to this piece of art with the sound on or you're missing out.

'Away from the numbers' could mean a lot of different things these days. It already has two meanings if you interpret it as being away from the crowds, especially in times of COVID - 19 and global Surf bans. Whether we like it or not most of us are possibly currently away from the numbers. Even the lucky ones who are still surfing are possibly doing this with less of a crowd currently. What a contemporary and yet adequate name for an 'old school' type clip!

Osc says the clip was inspired by the usual suspects he'd been digging: 'Parko, Steph, Curren, Asher, Craig etc plus Margo... he’s unbelievable'. Well, Oscar and Billy Lee Pope know how to turn usual inspiration into something very special.

'Away from the numbers' is enlivening, but in a calm way if that makes sense. It's the way Langburne, the Style Master links his turns. Calmly, but enliven. The left-handed variety of his surfing was filmed and edited by Billy Lee-Pope in the wave rich area of Raglan, NZ who is now stuck there due to travel restrictions. But the good news is, the sooner we are moving closer to the numbers which is our governments aim to achieve with the current restrictions and we're allowed to traveling again, there will be a PART II of the edit. I would stay home twice as much if that meant making it happen sooner rather than later.

Looking forward to see what part II is going to look like. 

WMNSurfmag is a female focused publication. Though we are happily drawing inspiration from our male counterparts too. Oscar Langburne has now long been one of our biggest male inspirations.


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