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WMNSurfmag has had it’s summer office in Bali since the beginning. We always enjoy the beautiful island of gods and are so thankful for the welcoming Balinese people who share their little paradise with us every year over the surf season. We are heartbroken to not be able to be there personally this year to help and support the locals. Therefore we found the least thing we could do is donate to those in need and spread the word about fundraising initiatives for Bali such as this one: Project Nasi!

“Project Nasi” is a current fundraising project that is working to supply essential goods to Balinese communities who are in need of supplies due to the negative financial and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 100% of donations are being used to buy basic but necessary food and grocery items such as rice, noodles, vegetables, fruit, cooking supplies, soap, sanitizers, face masks, and more from local markets and farmers. The groceries are then given to Banjars, village-based groups, to distribute to the surrounding communities. Banjars work to constantly identify items most needed and families or groups most in need of supplies.

The importance of Project Nasi stems from the fact that Balinese locals are heavily struggling to stay financially able during this crisis. Bali’s population of around 4 million people are all either directly or indirectly dependent on tourism for income. Because of the pandemic, many have lost their jobs or are on unpaid leave. There is no government welfare system in place to support citizens and most already live paycheck to paycheck as it is so the financial impacts of the pandemic are severely weighing on the people of Bali. The project was started by Australian entrepreneurs who have businesses in Bali, who felt compelled to give back in any way they could to the local communities that support them and their businesses. Every donation helps to put food on the table of a local family in Bali. As little as 10 dollars can aid in feeding a family for four days at a time.

If you want to give back to the island or simply do something good, donate here:

Project Nasi - Bali COVID-19 organized by Samuel Mahony

For more information, check out these links:


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