Updated: Jun 30, 2020

“ I love seeing brands market their athletes with depth. There are some people that are obviously easy to market because of the way they look, but also the story they have behind their success. I want to be inspired by the hard work, grace and courage they carry themselves with and connect with them in a way hat makes me want to see them be successful and inspired to push myself to do better.”

One of the most important voices in surfing, Rosy talks about her surfing development in the wild region of South Africa's East London, growing up in an era when the country dismantled apartheid, forging her own path to the elite WSL Championship Tour and developing a diverse post-CT career as a free surfer, brand ambassador and member of the WSL Commentary Team.

Also check out our Interview with Rosy Hodge - the only woman on the Men's CT - where she talks about

  • Progression in Women Surfing

  • Her Job with the WSL

  • The Surfers on Tour

with us!


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