• Emily Newsome


These girls go hard!

Sambal Sambal is a continuation of a project, "Sambal", that filmmaker Kylian Castells put together featuring Ainara Aymat. Both videos showcase the fiery personality and talent of Ainara, pro surfer from Zarautz, Basque Country.

Sambal Sambal also features Lee Ann Curren, from France on the Vans EU team.

The combo of these two in the short film will likely remind you of surf and skate culture of the 70s and 80s- radical. They look like they are charging waves and taking names! The photography, instrumental, and film all blend together to make this video "spicy" for sure!

Here is the original project, Sambal:

"Lately all we see everywhere is blond long hair babes in tight bikinis with a serious Instagram feed obsession, like an all-you-can-eat buffet that fills your belly but doesn’t satisfy your soul; and then there is Ainara - a girl that stays low profile and lets her acts do the talking, pure rawness."- Kylian Castells about this video

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