Updated: Apr 11

Photo: Sarah Lee / Elite Surf Coaching

All of our daily life's have been turned upside down overnight and it is now up to all of us to react and avoid the worst possible situation. For us and our fellow human beings. Not only are we as individuals now called upon, to make the right decisions and to act decisively but also deliberately. 

Companies and institutions, clubs, sports leagues, brands and athletes are also challenged. Challenged to react consciously, authentically and according to the image they want to represent. Issue Management is crucial and can decide about careers in such situations. 

What to do?  How to react? How do I implement my function as a role model? Will I lose sponsors? How can I counteract this? What will happen (with me, my career etc.) after the crisis? Should I make my opinion known? How should I do this? In case of an infection, do I and if so, how do I tell the public?  What to do once being in quarantine? How can I help others? What if I have to lay off employees? How do I communicate this?

What are the next steps and what is the best strategy for your concern? 

WMN Public Relations is here for you, not only to work out the best possible ways to overcome and manage this crisis but also to make the best of it during the current situation and afterwards. Issue Management is a part of good public relations and has always been an essential part of our repertoire.


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