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Photos courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool and WSL

19-year-old Caroline Marks, currently in her 3rd full season on tour and sitting 4th on the WSL Leaderboard, is definitely showing the world what she is made of and is doing it as authentically as Caroline can. She is a fiery presence on tour but she also has a playful, fun approach to surfing that reminds everyone of why they started surfing in the first place. She could be your fiercest competitor and your goofy best friend, and that's Caroline!

"It only took 3 years." -Luke, Caroline's older brother

The phenom started surfing when she was 10 years old and quickly took the sport by storm. She was winning national competitions at 13, became the youngest person ever to qualify for a CT event at 15, and at 17, Caroline along with 3 other surfers qualified for the Olympics. This would be the first time surfing would take the Olympic stage. She is a trailblazer by any means of the word, and all of this definitely leads us to ask- how did she get here? 'That's Caroline', narrated by Caroline's older brother Luke, is a documentary short that walks viewers through Caroline's life in a light-hearted fashion. It reveals the huge role that her family has played in her surfing career and her life in general. Her childhood seemed something of magic, and surfing was only the cherry on top. Growing up in Florida, riding dirt bikes and horses, playing in mud, and having the ocean sit across from your neighborhood is every kid's dream. You can tell that it meant quite a lot to Caroline and her siblings to have this be reality. Once Caroline realized that surfing was her truest passion, her family helped her dreams come true, supported her through every step of the way, and pushed her to be her best always. Sibling rivalry can strain relationships but Caroline would not be the sharp and confident competitor she is today without the teasing and tough love she received from her brothers in her younger days. This documentary is a fun reminder of Caroline's youthful energy and personality. However, let us not forget the giant-slayer persona she exudes on tour. She is already being talked about as a legend of the sport in a sense so it will be increasingly exciting to watch her career unfold. We know her eye is definitely on a 2021 CT victory and it is not far out of her grasp.

"It just felt right. That's like the best way I can explain it. I mean I literally wake up in the morning I think about surfing. All day I think about surfing. I go to bed thinking about surfing. I think that was my click moment right there, that's when I was like, ‘This is what I want to do for the rest of my life and I never want to stop." -Caroline

To learn more about Caroline's childhood, surfing start, family dynamic, how she perceives her surfing career, and all of the dominance she has shown in the sport, check out 'That's Caroline' on Redbull TV today!


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