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Morgan Maassen's short film on professional surfer Victoria Vergara reminds us of the graceful dance that is long boarding. The film gives a short glimpse into Victoria's life on the coast of France and the unique waves of Hossegor, her current home.

Vergara was born in France but spent a lot of her childhood traveling. When she was 14, her family moved to Reunion Island where her love for long boarding grew immensely. The modeling offers didn't come long after but Victoria chose to spend her home by the sea instead of pursuing a modeling career in Paris. Although now she has figured modeling into her free lifestyle of surfing and adventuring, on her own terms of course.

'Almost a decade ago, I met Victoria Vergara on a small volcanic landmass deep in the Indian Ocean, known as Reunion Island. Now famous for its shark-infested waters, the incredibly rugged french island is a far-fetched idea from where you'd think this longboarder and model would hail from. Now, after many fun adventures traveling the world together with cameras and surfboards, it's an honor to share this short film on this incredibly unique human being.' - Maassen

direct/film/edit: Morgan Maassen

Supported by O'Neill

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