Updated: Feb 23, 2020

When surfs biggest stage is your own backyard, chances of you flying high and digging deep are pretty neat. And here is Noah Beschen giving an -if not the best- example of how this could actually look.

The 16 year old son of North Shore legend Shane Beschen surfed his first barreling wave at Backdoor when he was only 10 and has likely already thrown buckets while most of us were still splashing in our baby bath.

This kid has got style, out at sea and on concrete. Because apart from his above the lip surfing, he also pumps off the surface in Skate bowls.

Growing up at the worlds most versatile piece of coastline, Noah Beschen has already been born with a set future as a professional Surfer. And if this clip is an indication of what is to come, we already know now, that it is going to be something big!

Watch Aaron Lieber’s 2017 mashup about the Hawaiian Wunderkind!

It is a must.


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