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About WMNSurfMag: 


WMNSurfMag aims to showcase the female side of surfing in it’s purest form, their progression in the sport, their beauty through the sport, their efforts to become as good as their male counterparts - but in their own feminine way without being judged for surfing femininely, ‚like a girl‘.


#001 'Rumble in the Jungle'


To start off the Mag, we interviewed the Current Queen, Stephanie Gilmore and Former Queen, Layne Beachley, who still holds the record of 7 World titles, about the progression and current state of women Surfing.

#002 'Unlimited' 

'Limits exist only in the mind' is our motto for issue #002 of WMNSurfmag. We’ve put together interviews, stories and tips of professionals and passionates to help you overcome your fears and to inspire you. 


Everybody wants to get barreled. We asked, whom Jamie O’ Brien considers the ‘best female at Pipe’ to write up her experiences riding the most notorious tube in Hawaii and possibly the world and she did. Do you know who she is?

WSL World Junior Champion Vahine Fierro tells us what it’s like, to grow up at one of the heaviest waves on the planet – Teahupo’o! 

Get fit for your next big trip! Heartbeat, strength, body control, flow and flexibility – Do your homework, we’ll guide you with issue #002. 



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