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We are a passionate team of creators, journalists, surfers and photographers. 

We live to chase swells and stories!

Meet The Team

Luke Gladys

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Without Luke WMNSurfmag would not be possible. He is always there to encourage us, proofread, go for a surf, share thoughts and discuss the surf industries news, analyze heats and find good arguments to make us paddle out to bigger surf. His expertise and chill vibes are much needed at WMN and we are beyond grateful to have him aboard. 

Janine Reith

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Founder & Editor in chief of WMNSurfmag. 

Passionate Surfer. 

Into Writing, News Coverage,  Journalism & PR, Ice Hockey, Skateboarding & Snowboarding. 


Lisa Weixelbaum

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Art Director, Graphic Designer, Photographer


The most creative person you could possibly meet. She has a solution for everything and has once again taken on the challenge of engineering the layout of WMN. With her eye for photography and skill to edit such, she captures and tells things authentically through her imagery. She’s always down for a Surftrip, loves to explore and is absolutely inspirational. 



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Photographer, Contributing Writer, Interviewer


I’m Jo, I love to surf and write and have been traveling around the world for 5 years . My life consists of capturing surfing the ocean and the mountains through my lens. I love to live life passionately without limits.